Lemon Frog Shop is a unique vintage bazaar tucked away in Los Angeles' hip historic Echo Park where you can find one-of-a-kind, rare clothing and accessories from the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s in every price range. Fresh stock almost every day ensures a new shopping experience for the repeat customer. From new wave to hippie, disco, punk, glam, mod, bombshell to bohemian, you never know what kind of unique treasures you'll discover.

We have an extensive collection of shoes, high heels, platforms, sandals, and boots in every size and color from Spain, Italy, and Brazil. Flattering Dresses in florals, stripes, solids, and calico fill our racks. Shoppers also love the wide array of jewelry and accessories, especially our Gucci handbag and accessory collection. Though a section of the shop is dedicated to high end articles, we also carry hundreds of $10 items. We have something for everyone at every budget.

Most pieces are chosen to reflect current trends in fashion. It is common to find professional designers and studio stylists alike shopping here for inspiration and the perfect period outfit for film and television.

Lemon Frog Shop is also very proud to be recognized and certified as a green business by the city of Los Angeles! The environment is extremely important to us here at Lemon Frog Shop. Taking steps to preserve the environment by selling vintage, recycling, using recycled paper for bags and flyers, using efficient lightbulbs, walking to work, reusing stuffing, and even having a plant based diet. All of this contributed to qualifying for this honor!